Fietsloket Nijmegen is a cycling school for all kind of people. Children, elderly people, migrant women, expats, international students, people with disabilities, they all came by.

Fietsloket Nijmegen especially provides cycling lessons in Nijmegen, Beuningen, Weurt, Wijchen, Malden, Heumen, Molenhoek, Beek, Berg en Dal, Groesbeek, Bemmel, Huissen and Elst, but possibly also out of this region.

Fietsloket Nijmegen always offers customized cycling lessons, depending on the personal request. Cycling lessons can be given at a central and quiet location in Nijmegen but also at home or any place else, depending on your preferences and best choices.

One lesson costs approximately € 60,-- and usually takes one hour.

Many people from Nijmegen and surroundings already learned how to cycle and how to be safe in traffic. By using the button below, you can make a first appointment to achieve the same goal.

Cycling lessons and/or personal advise

"My wife has never cycled before whereas I have not been cycling since I was 10 years old. Therefore we needed cycling lessons.

Daan offered lessons at an affordable price for 4 one hour lessons for the both of us. Furthermore, since we only arrived to Nijmegen a year ago, we are not proficient in Dutch. It was helpful to us that he could conduct the lesson in English.

We are both able to cycle after only the 4 lessons. It is certainly useful to be able to cycle in order to get around. 

I would definitely recommend Daan because his lessons are well-structured. He was very patient in teaching us and demonstrates the steps in a clear manner. It was easy to understand his instructions and follow them. We are happy to be able to see results after only a few lessons."

Koh Minghao (Wijchen, 20-05-2020)

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